circular garden alessandro tassinari

circular garden

An architectural structure made of mushrooms grown from soil over six weeks and then returned to the soil in a fully circular manner.

italian pavilion expo dubai 2020 alessandro tassinari

italian pavilion @expo dubai 2020

Italy unveils the final design for its national pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020, composed by three boats that will arrive in Dubai and become the backbone of the pavilion.

circular restaurant alessandro tassinari

circular restaurant

circular cuisine showcase the technology used to transform cooking oil into biofuel.

dynamic street alessandro tassinari

dynamic street

Prototype of a modular and reconfigurable paving system that hints at the possibility of the streetscape seamlessly adapting to people’s needs.

hortus alessandro tassinari


An interactive pavilion where people can engage with digitally-augmented farming and grow their own food on-site.

currie park alessandro tassinari

currie park

Transformation if a 19-hectare vacant area creating a major new complex that includes housing, retail and leisure facilities.

soft robotics alessandro tassinari

soft robotics

Programmable actuators that combine soft and hard materials to perform complex movements.