structural metal 3D printed joint

“the secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”.

john d. rockefeller jr.r

this project is part of an ongoing R&D process started in August 2020 with partners coming from the welding industry. We teamed up together to develop a unique proprietary way to fabricate big metal 3D printed parts.

Focusing on the construction field, the first part of this project was divided into two steps: an advanced 3D modeling phase and a fabrication phase. the target was to achieve, in 6 months of work, the complete ability to produce high quality building components.

To do so, we defined five development principles:

  1. feasability;
  2. commercial efficacy;
  3. scientific value;
  4. process esaltation;
  5. reproducibility.

The produced pieses were realised using generative design and computational design logics. Form and matter were specifically designed to be performative in association with the structural strenght required by the specific application of each piece.